Treatment For A Pinched Nerve In The Arm

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Treatment for a pinched nerve in the arm will start with talking to your doctor about the pain that you are in. The arm, shoulder, back and knees are some of the most common locations for a pinched nerve, which is simply a nerve that is being compressed or "pinched" against a muscle or bone in the body. These painful situations lead to symptoms like tenderness, weakened muscles, tingling and shooting pain. Any of these situations are important to see a doctor about, though.

For those that have a pinched nerve, it's important to determine the cause and the proper treatment, both of which your doctor will work with you on. For treatment for a pinched nerve in the arm, your doctor is likely to start with resting the arm. In many cases, it's important to keep the area still so that your body has a chance to heal it. When this isn't an effective treatment for you, though, the result is to consider physical therapy. By moving, stretching and strengthening the muscle, you'll be relieving the stress on the actual nerve and therefore will improve your condition significantly.

If your pinched nerve in your arm does not improve with this help, your doctor may recommend looking for improvements through medication, which can reduce the amount of inflammation that you are dealing with. Or, for those that don't find any of these treatments effective, the treatment for a pinched nerve in the arm may be surgery. A surgery in this case will relieve the pressure that's being placed on the nerve or to otherwise improve the underlying cause of the pinched nerve.

For those with pain in their shoulder, back, or arm, the first step to getting the treatment that you need is to seek out the help of your doctor. A pinched nerve in the arm can be healed with the proper guidance from your doctor.

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