Treat Pinched Nerve With Physical Therapy

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To treat pinched nerve endings, your doctor may recommend physical therapy. Pinched nerves are something that is often treated based on the degree of injury and the amount of pain that the individual is in. The first step that the doctor is likely to prescribe is rest for the injured area. Since this can affect multiple areas of the body including the arm, back, legs and spine, resting the specific area may be difficult for some situations. Relieving the pain this way is often used for lesser intense situations.

For some, resting and allowing the nerve to heal is not enough. Or, it may not have proved to fully help the injured area to recover. If you have a pinched nerve like this, your doctor is likely to recommend physical therapy to help treat pinched nerve situations like yours. During physical therapy, the technician working with you will teach you several exercises and movements that you can do. By teaching you how to do them yourself, you avoid having to go back for therapy over and over again.

The goal of the exercises from the physical therapy for the pinched nerve is to provide you with a way of strengthening and stretching the muscles that are in the area of the pinched nerve. Each exercise is designed to provide for a specific, necessary movement like this. By stretching the muscle, you'll be relieving the pressure that is on the pinched nerve.

For some patients that have a pinched nerve it may become important to treat the situation with a reduction of activity for the area that is affected. To keep from further aggravating the injury, treat pinched nerve problems seriously and work with your doctor and physical therapy to improve the situation. In most cases, this can be a very successful treatment for patients.

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